Kelly and Jack had a stunning,  unique wedding ceremony in a beautiful woodland setting in South Oxfordshire,  followed by a relaxed marquee reception in the grounds of Jack’s parents home.  Kelly’s request was that her bridal bouquet and the buttonholes should be free from any traditional flowers and should be wild and textured and different!  We were more than happy to oblige!  We used a palette of proteas, pampas grass, hypericum, wheat, pheasant feathers, panicum grass, scabies seed pods and lots of mixed greenery.

We decorated the marquee with large hoops of greenery and pampas grass.  The unique ceremony area was in a lovely woodland glade near the marquee with hay bale seating and large Pampas grass arrangements both in the aisle and near the Asymmetric frame made by the groom for the day.

















We loved being a part of Jack and Kelly’s special day, even the hair raising quad bike rides through the woods to install the ceremony flowers!  Thank you both for letting us be a part of your day.  Thank you too to for the amazing photos of their day!